April 05, 2011

Soul Seeker Book Trailer

Total Read Time: 1 minute

Words cannot express how much fun I had putting this together. It was a bit of a challenge, since I had never done it before, but I think it turned out pretty well!

I've added the video to the sidebar here, as well as to the new 'My Books' tab up top, but it really looks best full size. You can see it on my YouTube channel.

For anyone who is interested, I used Windows Movie Maker.  All of the images and music in the trailer are royalty-free.  Most of the images were free to download, but I did pay a little bit for the video clip at the beginning, and for the music clips as well. (It cost me $16.02 CDN in total.) The rest was just hours of trying to fit all the pieces together to match what I had going on in my head.

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