October 06, 2011

Soul Seeker Draw Announcement!

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To celebrate the release of my debut fantasy novel, Soul Seeker, I’m giving away 6 copies of the book. Don’t own an ereader? No problem. The winners will get to decide whether they will receive an ebook copy or a signed paperback.

Three of the six winners will be chosen from my newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t signed up yet, it’s not too late! Click here to fill in the subscription form. (All newsletter subscribers also get a FREE copy of my contest-winning short story, The Unclean.)

Winners will be drawn using a random number generator and will be announced Thursday October 13th, the day Soul Seeker will be released. (2 weeks ahead of schedule!)

Here’s how to enter:

Newsletter Subscribers: Fill in the form below with the email address you subscribed with. (Your blog comments will not be counted as entries.)

Non-Subscribers: Post a comment below. (Remember, if you post anonymously, I won't be able to track you down if you win.)

All comments/newsletter entries only count once, so don’t go crazy with multiple submissions/comments.

Additional ways to enter:

  • Tweet a link to this blog post, using the #soulseekernovel hashtag to get an additional entry in the draw. Only 1 tweet per person will be counted. So if you tweet 100 times, it still only counts as 1 entry. Let’s not be spammy. :)
  •  Like the link to this post on my Facebook page. This will also get you an additional entry.
  •  +1 the link to this post on my Google+ page.  It will also count as an additional entry.

(Liking and +1ing this post directly won’t count, since I can’t track it back to who did it.)

So there you go. Four easy ways to enter. Good luck!


  1. Woohoo, the paperback looks awesome! :) Have fun with the giveaway! That reminds me... I gotta go pick the winners for mine. :)


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