July 21, 2011

The God’s Eye: Now Available in Ebook Format for $0.99

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I’ve formatted and uploaded the ebook version of my short story, The God’s Eye, which received First Place in the Writers’ Journal 2011 Fiction Contest, and is currently featured in their July/August issue. Since it looks like the magazine cut the accompanying poem at the beginning of the story in order to save space (even though I included against my word count), I’m happy to now have it available in full. (Because I’m anal like that.)

Right now, The God’s Eye is available in Kindle format from Amazon, and all other formats from Smashwords. Over the next few weeks it will also become available from all other major ebook retailers (Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, etc.).

Product Description:

Raena knows when the wizard, Owaen, hires her to steal one of the world’s most mysterious relics there is more to the story than he’s willing to tell. Still, she never could resist a challenge. But ignorance bears a price, and unless she can outwit her enemies, it could mean Raena’s life.

This 5,000 word short story earned first place in the 2011 Writers’ Journal Fiction Contest and was published in the July/August issue of the magazine. Download includes an excerpt from Jacquelyn Smith's debut fantasy novel, Soul Seeker (available soon).

Brief Excerpt (including the opening poem/rhyme):

One crow for ill news
Two crows for mirth
Three crows, a wedding
Four crows, a birth
Five crows for riches
Six crows, a thief
Seven crows, a journey
Eight crows for grief
Nine crows, a secret
Ten crows for sorrow
Eleven crows for true love
Twelve crows, a new tomorrow

~Scottish counting rhyme

Raena watched the entrance of the Six Crows, waiting for her quarry to arrive. She sat at a table in the far corner of the tavern with her back to the wall. They were looking for her—at least, she hoped they were. She had done everything she could to get their attention. But her current guise of long, honey-blond hair and green eyes would not be familiar to them. She thought the freckles were a nice touch. No, they wouldn’t find her until it was too late. 

Whether you read The God's Eye in Writers' Journal or in ebook format, be sure to let others (me, included) know what you think with a review on Amazon, Smashwords, or Goodreads. :)


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