August 18, 2011

Newsletter Giveaway: Get a FREE copy of The Unclean!

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["Grunge Collage 4" by ba1969]

So I finally got around to setting up a newsletter. Yay!  Why is this awesome news? I'm glad you asked...

Newsletter Perks:
  • Coupon code for a FREE copy of my award-winning, fantasy short story, The Unclean
  • Updates on upcoming book projects and giveaways, before they're announced
  • Other sneak peeks and goodies

How it works:

1.  Click this link, or use your smartphone to scan this snazzy QR code: 

2.  Enter your name and email information.  (This will remain confidential.)

3.  Check your email for a subscription confirmation request

4.  After confirming your subscription, watch your inbox for a coupon code for The Unclean. (To be redeemed at Smashwords.)

5.  Start receiving the newsletter, FREE! (The first newsletter is scheduled for August 26th.)

After you've read The Unclean, don't forget to let everyone know what you thought of it with a review ;)
How I did it:

For anyone interested, I'm using MailChimp as my newsletter platform. Their free account is fairly extensive, with paid accounts also available if you need extra features. It seems easy to use so far.  You can customize your own subscription forms and design your own newsletters, or use the templates provided. They even provide you with the smartphone QR code for subscriptions.

For more info on QR codes and what they're all about, check out Lindsay's post over at E-book Endeavors.

Have a question? Let me know. :)


  1. Ooh, haven't seen anyone use a QR code yet as part of a newsletter signup. Fun. :)

  2. I knew that QR code thing would come in handy someday!

  3. Ok you SO have to share what mechanics you're using for a newsletter.

    You are always so tech-savvy!

  4. @Sophie Li

    I just signed up for a free account with Mail Chimp and customized their forms. I was thinking about writing a separate post on how to set everything up... Seems like it might be a good topic. ;)

  5. ahhhh Mail Chimp - never heard of it.

    I think you really have SUCH valuable information for aspiring authors but especially for Indie authors. Yes I definitely think the specific how-to's of Mail Chimp would be a great post. :)

  6. @Sophie Li

    I've penciled it in for next week. ;)


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