October 18, 2011

Separate Ways: Splitting my Blog

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["Take the High Road!" by maxpate]

This blog started off as a place for me to share my venture into the world of self-publishing, as well as any tips or tricks I learned along the way. A few weeks ago, I decided to double my posting to twice a week so I could focus on writing/publishing tips on Tuesdays and fantasy/readers’ perspective on Thursdays.

Now that Soul Seeker is out, I feel like it’s time for this site to become a pure author blog. All of my previous posts on writing and self-publishing will still be here, but my future posts will cover topics such as fantasy, readers’ perspective, news about my books, behind the scenes of my writing process, etc.

If you’ve been following this blog for indie writing and publishing tips, never fear! I will continue to post on these topics over on my other site, Ebook Formatting Made Simple. All of the previous posts from this blog that cover writing and publishing have been archived there as well.

So whether you’re a fan of my work, or an indie writer looking for some insight (or even if you’re both!), I hope to hear from you soon, either here or on Ebook Formatting Made Simple.

Thanks for reading!

~Jacqui :)

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