November 01, 2011

Don't Panic: More blog changes on the way

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["Hospital 4" by rweller]

A few weeks ago, I announced my plans to change to an author blog. I’ve already taken some of the necessary steps, but in order to relaunch the site the way I would like, more changes are on the way.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

  • All reading, writing and self-publishing related posts will be imported to my new blog, Ebook Formatting Made Simple. (This has already been done.)
  • will be stripped down to the remaining personal and book news posts and revert to the naked Blogger domain: (Currently redirects to
  •  The new version of will relaunch with new hosting, content and design.

I’m hoping this process will go smoothly over the next few weeks.

What to expect from WaywardScribe Version 2.0:

  • Quality posts geared toward my readers and the general public
  • Less frequent updates. (Probably about once a month or so.) This means fewer posts to keep up with amidst all the other blogs you may be following.

So hopefully I will see you around on either Ebook Formatting Made Simple, or the new version of (And I apologize in advance for any bumps that come up during this process!)

Have a question? Let me know. :)

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